New to Yr6 – End of KS2 Writing Assessment

Course information

  • Course Provider: Jo Heffer
  • Stage: Year 6 - End KS2
  • Subject Area: Writing Teacher Assessment

Suitable For: New (nearly new) Year 6 Teachers

  • Date: 27 Nov 2019
  • Venue: St. Mary's Catholic Primary

Cost: £70

NEW to YEAR 6 – End of KS2 Writing Assessment
Audience: New (nearly new) Yr6 teachers
  • Important dates for 2019/20 (End KS2 Writing Assessment)
  • Using the TA frameworks to make statutory judgements.
  • ‘Pupil can statements’ and the use of qualifiers.
  • Basing judgements on ‘sound and demonstrable’ evidence.
  • Using the Pre-Key Stage Standards for pupils who are working below the overall standard of national curriculum assessments.
  • Using the exemplification materials to help inform teacher judgements.

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