Using Principles of Meta-cognition: to Accelerate Progress in Maths (based on EEF research)

Course information

  • Course Provider: Jean Knapp
  • Stage: Primary Age Phase
  • Subject Area: Meta-cognition, Maths

Suitable For: Maths Co-ordinators, School Leaders and Class Teachers

  • Date: 1 Apr 2019
  • Venue: St. Mary's Catholic Primary School

Cost: £50

Research by the EEF indicates that one of the most cost effective ways to raise standards is through the implementation of the principles of meta-cognition. This course links theory to practice exploring lots of practical activities that can be used to accelerate progress in Maths:
  • Creating a whole school ethos that embraces the principles of metacognition in Maths lessons.
  • Teaching pupils metacognitive strategies including how to plan monitor and evaluate their learning (linking to mathematical investigations).
  • How teachers can model their own thinking to help pupils develop their metacognitive skills e.g. What do I know about problems like this? What ways of solving them have I used before?
  • Setting an appropriate level of challenge in Maths to develop pupils’ metacognition.
  • Promoting metacognitive talk in Maths lessons including peer and pupil – teacher talk. Developing pupils’ questioning (asking questions in class and pupil to pupil questioning).
  • Supporting pupils to develop independent learning skills when tackling Maths problems.

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