Leadership Dev

Leadership development is at the core of the Primary TS Alliance offer. We can offer a range of support for leadership through:

  • Bespoke middle leadership development
  • Training courses and networking opportunities for curriculum co-ordinators
  • Senior leadership training and coaching
  • Headteacher support from one of our Local Leaders of Education (LLEs)

Senior Leaders

  • Headteacher LLE support (please see our StSS section for further details)
  • Training opportunities (including our annual Senior Leaders: Preparation for Ofsted course)
  • National Accreditation for Senior Leadership (including locally based NASENCo through the UCL)

Middle Leaders (including curriculum coordinators)

  • Annual ‘Preparation for Middle Management’ course
  • A range of training and network meetings for curriculum coordinators
  • Opportunities to shadow an experienced leader

For more information, or to request specific support – please contact either St. Mary’s or St. Swithun Wells’ (using the details under ‘Contact Us’).